Brilliant Christmas Home Decorations Ideas to Pep Up your Festive Spirits!

When it comes to Christmas home decorations, most people think of a decorated tree, well lit entrance, doing the living room and dining-room. However, if you wish to throw a Christmas party and invite a couple of friends or family to your home, you need to focus on something unique to ensure the house looks great.

Don’t Ignore the Hall

Most people forget to decorate the hall. However, this is the place where you welcome guests. Hence, it should look beautiful as a gathering point. Display your decorative skills and make this place shine out. Don’t worry! You can make it a lavish affair without spending a lot. There are a set of simple things you can do in this respect.

Start off with arranging big church candles of varying colours and heights on the table. Try beautifying these candles by adding crystals, pearls, leaves, and foliage. Candles are one of the best things you can use to add a warm and welcoming ambience to your home.

The Mistletoe Effect

Christmas home decorations and mistletoe go hand in hand. Hence, you must get a large bunch and use it to decorate the front door. Mistletoe is perfect for creating wreathes and decking up walls and mirrors.

Candilicious Christmas

Candies are synonymous to Christmas. These are the symbols for cordiality and delight during the festive season. So don’t forget to use them. Wrap these up in silver, gold or other colours and add ribbons to them. Place these on the table or near the Christmas tree in a clear glass bowl for that added charm!

Flower Power

Decorate your home with cute little succulents and mini pots of flowers. Use a variety of flowers such as rose, hyacinths, carnations, cyclamen, orchids etc. place these on windowsills, landings, bathroom etc. This will add to the glamour and romance amidst traditional Christmas decorations.

Kitchen Decor

Don’t ignore the kitchen. The kitchen should be decorated well for a Christmas party. Keeping in mind its functional role, add some colored trinkets on the hooks on a dresser and some decorated candy bowls.

Bedroom for Christmas

Add some foliage circlets, flowers, clear vases and aromatic candles to decorate the dressing table in your bedroom. You may also use some simple ornaments at bedside tables.

Hope you will integrate all of the above listed Christmas home decorations ideas this year to make your home a real head turner and a sure shot party venue.

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