India Wedding Decoration

In India wedding is a very auspicious occasion. Customs and beliefs also are a part of Indian wedding ceremonies. There are pre and post Indian wedding ceremonies. These ceremonies may last for a week or more. These ceremonies are celebrated along with friends and relatives. There are many rituals and functions conducted during the wedding occasion. On the wedding day the bride has to put on red sari and gold ornaments gifted to her by her relatives and friends.

The groom prefers to be dressed in a sherwani (a typical Indian outfit) or a suit. The groom and bride are royally treated for the whole week during the wedding ceremonies. Henna and haldi functions are the attraction of an Indian wedding. The bride puts henna on her hands and feet. Guests are also entertained by sangeet and mehendi programmes. Bride and groom are showered with gifts and presents on the wedding ceremony.

India wedding decorations are generally done traditionally. But nowadays a blend of western and Indian culture is seen in wedding ceremony decorations. Due to changing tastes and ethnicity this transformation has taken place. Torans or wall hangings are used to beautify the wedding entrance. Guests are welcomed and greeted by this wall hanging to attend the wedding. The main rituals of an India wedding ceremony are carried out in a mandap, a form of tent, which is decorated with colorful flowers.

This tent or mandap is generally covered with a red colored cloth, as red is considered fortunate for the wedding couple. These tents are available in different forms. Bandhani work, mirror work, Guajarati jardari are some artistic forms which are used to make the tents more attractive. . If the wedding is carried out on a farm house or a party plot the mandaps used for the ceremony become more gorgeous and gratifying. If the wedding is arranged at evening lights and lamps can add to the ambience of the wedding venue. Red and gold are the most important and essential colors of an Indian wedding. The wedding venue or hall is decorated with flowers like rose, jasmine and other attractive and aromatic flowers. Candles play an important role in modern Indian weddings. Flowers, lights and candles together make the venue eye catchy. Rangolies and flower decorations are also an essential part of India wedding Decorations.

India wedding ceremonies are a bonding between the two families and not only between bride and groom. In India weddings are a family matter. The formalities involved in the wedding are all decided by family as a whole and not by the bride and groom. Sometimes even the choice of the bride and groom depends upon the decisions of elderly natives in the family. Arranged marriages are more popular in India. Though modern India has started accepting the concept of love marriages, there are some parts of the country, where even today, marriages outside the community are not allowed.

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