Asian Party Decoration

Asian weddings are very popular for their splendid style and grandeur. Most of these weddings last for many days. This is due to a wide range of rituals and ceremonies that take place during the wedding. Each ceremony needs a different venue and day.

Decoration plays a very important role in Asian wedding party. There are many ways in which Asian party decoration can be made special. Different type of decors depends on the kind of budget. It may also vary with the type of theme chosen and the venue.

Here are a few interesting ideas for Asian party decoration:

Colors play an imperative role in Asian party decoration. In fact, Asian wedding is incomplete without colors. The traditional wedding colors in Asia are bright red and golden. These are sometimes used in conjunction with green. The colors can be utilized for drapes and in flowers to embellish walls and pillars of the party venue. Wall hangings are also used in the same color. If you are keen on having a theme based wedding, you can easily choose for different colors such as pink, bright green, wine and fuchsia. Some of the westernized Asian party decoration for a wedding includes silver as the primary decoration color.


Lighting is a must have for Asian party decoration. You can easily set the perfect wedding mood via using perfect at the site. If you want to include the ethnic lighting style to your wedding venue, then you can focus on placing beautiful lanterns and candles. This will be a better choice than the modern system of electric lights.

There are many other options for lighting available such as dim colored lights. These are available and can be used in different intensities. You may even use uniform lighting to make the venue look beautiful and well lit. Make sure that the light is not too bright or light. Keep the comfort of guests and host in mind.

Another significant part of Asian party decoration for wedding is meals and tables. It is important to opt for cutlery and other items related to meals. In-house caterers of wedding site also play a key role here. The tables can be decorated with different interesting items such as flower vases, silken scarves, ribbons, candle holders etc. Make sure that the tables should not be congested.

Asian party decoration for wedding has a special place for mandap. This is also considered to be the most crucial part of the décor. This is the place where the bride and groom sit for the pious wedding ceremony is conducted. The backdrop is embellished with beautiful flowers and attractive colors. Unique light effects are used to make the mandap look eye-catching. The mandap pillars can be decorated with use flowers and silk.

If you want to make your Asian party decoration for wedding a special event, you may choose a professional décor service. These services are readily available online.

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