Safari Party Decoration

If you have been looking for an exciting theme for party decoration then you must consider safari party decoration. This is a fabulous idea. You would simply love your guest going wild over the decorations and party them. They will show their true party animal side. The decoration is not difficult in any way. You just need to give vent to your creativity and imagination.

Theme safari party decoration includes ideas and inspiration from thick, humid jungles. Of course, wild animals will also be a part of the safari-themed party. Safari party decoration will be an ideal choice for all those who are looking for some kind of adventure and love to have wild fun in a party. If you like adventure and watching wild animals on safari, then you would definitely appreciate this safari party decoration guide. It would be great fun to plan a party amidst the adventure of jungle and wild animals.

Theme safari party decoration is not difficult. Here is a party decoration guide to help you.

First you need to focus on creating jungle environment in the party area. Try hanging jungle vines all around the room. These are simple to make. Just paint ropes green. If you want to add a real touch o these vines, stick plastic jungle leaves on the ropes. The whole room will be turned in to a wild jungle. Use humidifiers (just 1-2 will do the work) to create the environment for a tropical rain forest.


Hanging safari hats in the room will make it look great. Also try using backpacks and artificial hunting revolvers and rifles. Other exciting additions include lanterns, ersatz fire pit, tent etc. These accessories will instantly turn your room in to a safari camp. Try creating a jungle river via sticking a long blue plastic strip through the room.

Your safari party decoration will be incomplete without wild animals in it. You can decorate the party room with cute stuffed animals. Go for as many wild animals as you can such as lions, elephants, crocodiles, zebras, tigers, and giraffes. Animal balloons will add to a lot of fun. If you are keen on adding a centerpiece to your theme safari party decoration, then you can place a huge stuffed gorilla on the party table. Place some bananas and a pair of binoculars that the gorilla may have stolen from a tourist. The table cover may be of any animal print. You can go for zebra stripes, leopard prints, tiger stripes etc.

Enhance party and dining tables with jungle theme candles. Bamboo candles would also look great. Jungle beads can be wrapped in to napkins to add a real touch. These are available in various shapes, designs and sizes in the market.

Buffet tables can be decorated with real and artificial flowers. An artificial banana tree will also work well for safari party decoration. You may even place potted fern plants to create a fabulous effect. These ideas will make up for a fabulous safari party decoration for you. Have a blast!

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