Happy New Year Decoration

It's a happy new year. Hurray .The clock strikes 12 pm and there is a celebration all over the universe. There are fire crackers and noise makers all around. People are dancing and shouting happy New Year everywhere. And after some hours everything is back to normal. In the morning we are fast asleep, but when we get up we can recall want we have gone through from preparations till the end of the party. Though the year is fresh and a fresh morning has arisen we are still in the mania of New Year.

When we start preparations for New Year party we start preparing lists of invitees. We start purchasing gifts. We follow up with caterers and food arrangements. We manage things for party bash such as games and entertainment. But the first thing we think about is Theme of party and the Happy New Year decorations to be prearranged.

When we sense of pre arrangements, we think from materials to the colors to be used for the decorations. While decorating a party hall or venue or your residence the first thing to be considered is the color scheme. Use colors which would brighten up the party area. Avoid very dark or sharp colors for New Year decorations. Use candles, flowers, balloons, ribbons, twisted strings, wind chimes and wall hangings for Happy New Year decorations. Perfumed candles and floating candles can also be used. Dining area can also be decorated with flowers and balloons.

The entrance of the venue can also be decorated with balloons and ribbons. Lights and lamps can be used to brighten up the atmosphere in the party. Use Christmas trees and tie up Balloons and bells on them. Use silver and golden balls to decorate the ceiling of party hall. Small balls approximating hanging bells are available in the markets. Moreover you can decorate the dancing floor with Balloons. Helium balloons can also be used. Cutouts of clock showing 12 pm can be embossed on the wall. A big wall clock can be hanged up, showing clearly the running time. Showy call can also be set up.

Happy New Year decorations for kids can also be done separately. Cakes can be decorated with cartoon characters. Cartoon cuttings can be set at the venue. Live cartoons can be arranged. Paper cuttings of ice creams, toffees, fruits and cartoons can be pasted in the hall or play area for kids. They can be provided with toys and colored papers to paint and craft. This would help to make the party less messy or easy to handle. Keep kids busy in their world. Provide them theme games, hoolahoops and video games.

Make your party shine. Make it a happy party. Happy New Year decorations are very important part of any party. Don't compromise on it. Try to keep the decorations clean and tidy. The party should not lose its charm due to mismanagement in decorations. So go ahead what are you waiting for? Go ahead enjoy the party. Wish you a happy new year.


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