New Year Greetings

New Year Greetings are the best way to express the New Year wishes and good will amongst our friends and relatives. New Year greetings can be expressed through many ways. Printed cards were the first choice of people before the entry of internet in our lives. Though costly these cards give the familiarity of trustworthy greetings. Some people like to send greetings through scrolls, handmade cards or through letters. Art galleries and gift shops are crowded by people for buying New Year cards for their dear ones. The shopping of greeting cards starts one month before the New Year.

You will find beautiful cards with touchy messages on them. Greeting cards originated in countries of China and Egypt. People use to send messages on leaves, papyrus scrolls, handmade paper and scarves to their dear ones. With the technological development, greeting cards gained popularity and were printed in industries. Germany was the first country to exchange printed cards on New Year. America is the leading country to manufacture greeting cards for every occasion including New Year. Greeting card though is just a piece of paper with a message but conveys true feelings and touches the heart of the recipient. One feels great when he receives a greeting card as it is a medium of love, gratitude and respect.

Greetings are not necessarily a piece of paper. Greetings can also be expressed orally. When one wishes another a happy new year, it is a form of greetings. Today greetings are generally conveyed through internet and emailing. People have become so busy that they prefer to send greetings through mails. Wishes are conveyed along with greetings itself. E greetings and emails have become need of the day. Instead of going to shops and malls people today prefer to send greeting cards online. Youngsters are more interested in selecting cards from shops and greetings. While selecting a greeting you should select proper color, size, shape and matter in the card. As such greetings are given on every occasion. Even people today give cards on negative topics such as break ups and get well soon. Today sending cards have become a craze among people.

While you select a New Year greeting, the content matters a lot. The content of the card expresses your feelings and care towards the receiver. Wishes given should show decency. The way of expressing your feelings should be touchy. A greeting is not only a piece of paper but it is also thought which you are willing to share with your loved ones. Today people generally send printed greetings available in numbers at the market. But if you have artistic outlook you can prepare cards on your own. Use ribbons colored papers and glitters to decorate and prepare your New Year greeting. There are so many modern and fast ways of conveying your greetings and messages today that we have forgot the most ancient method of sending messages and that is post. Today we have speed posts and curriers for fast and quick delivery of goods. But the electronic appliances have become more faster way to interact with others. They cannot transfer goods from one place to another but they do transfer messages within seconds. A letter reaches to the recipient within one or two days but a mail send reaches the recipient within seconds and therefore it has replaces the postal system very swiftly. Whatever the way be of conveying your New Year message, do express your feelings. Wish you a happy new year.


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