New Year Party Ideas

New Year is an occasion to bid adieu to the year that has gone and welcome the year that is further on. The most exhilarating thing on this eve is the New Year Party. Parties are a way out to take time out the monotony of busy life and have a blast with friends and relatives. You can celebrate this eve outside with your family or can host a party at home. Your gala can be an outstanding one with a little planning. If everything right from the guest list to the programmes is planned meticulously then your party can turn out to be a grand carnival. We have some great New Year Party ideas for your New Year eve.

The most important thing in organising a New Year party is to decide the theme of the party. You can go for traditional, jungle, retro, famous characters in films, beach party, circus, disco, political, musical or just a simple party with a funky dress code. Your party can be a day party, evening party or a sleepover depending upon the list of your guests. You can create the invitation cards by yourself using various decorative items such as beads, threads, silver paints or glitters. Hand made cards are more appealing. The other option is to send online invitation cards which are economic and timesaving. You can also opt for printable cards on the internet if you have a good quality printer at home. Select your best party dress for the eve as you are the host. You can also give dress codes for the guest or give them a particular colour.

The welcome of the New Year with a splendid decoration can augment the charm of the New Year Party. A well decorated party lifts up the spirit of the hosts and guests as well and makes the eve a memorable one. You can beautify the venue with fresh flowers of different colours as they will spread their fragrance creating a magic. You can also go for balloons of different shapes and colours. Balloons have their own magnetism and children love to have them in parties. Add ribbons, satins, floral or floating candles, golden or silver streams, stars, curls of ribbons and hex lace to add up more for the event to make it a special one. The banner with Happy New Year written adds an extra shine to the occasion. Wind chimes or bells add a special magic with their presence.

You can have nice dance numbers playing for the guest to dance. Kids always look forward to perform on stage in such events. Arrange a small dance programme for kids which the parents can also enjoy. Have some games to involve everyone in the party. Dumb Charades, karaoke and other fun games like TV quiz or princess demand add more thrill to the party. The most imperative part of the New Year party is food. You can have home made mock tails, flavoured drinks or soft drinks served with delicious starters. Sandwiches, mommas, garlic bread, pizza, burgers, chocolate cream biscuits, chips, pastries, puddings and cakes can be your options for the food. You can also trace different New Year party ideas from internet for better knowledge.


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