New Year Decoration

New Year Decorations start much before the New Year party begins. Here comes the New Year and we have started decorating our houses for the New Year. As the New Year comes closer we start cleaning and painting our houses. We start decorating our houses by lots of new stuffs such as wall hangings, paintings, new curtains wind chimes and rangolies. We place artificial or real flowers in our dwelling. We place candles and party lights. We change whole look of our dwelling.

People all around the world are thoroughly exited when New Year arrives. People are very excited for New Year merriment and a small retreat which is ahead of them. People invite each other for New Year parties. They organize parties at their residence or in hotels, pubs, party plots or clubs. If the party is on a small scale people generally prefer to sit and enjoy party at home. But if the invitees are numerous then party has to be shifted to hotels or party plots.

New Year decorations start with decorating the venue from the commencement of entrance hall. There can be flowers and balloons on both sides of the entrance hall. There can be glitter all over the flowers and balloons. There can be placed a welcome poster outside the main entrance hall. Happy New Year placard can also be placed. If necessary name of the hosts can also be embossed outside the hall. When you enter the hall there the look should be a rich and decent.

The colors used for decorating the hall should not be sharp and painful to eyes. Colors like sky blue, pink, white, yellow and light purple should be used to interior the party hall. There should be bright lights and lamps to add to the look of venue. The New Year decorations can also be done by decorating the party hall with candles and balloons. They would make the party more gorgeous. Christmas trees and small bells can also be used to decorate the hall. If floating candles and colorful flowers are available then they can add to the glance of party. Perfumed candles can spread excellent aroma in the hall. Cakes and chocolates would attract the kids but if they are properly used they can be used to decorate a corner of the hall for kids.

Cartoon Balloons are the most eye-catching part for kids as well as elderly persons. Today there are so many types of balloons in markets that their shape and sizes do magnetize elders also. While decorating for New Year one should not forget the dance floor decorations. It is very necessary to decorate the dance floor as per the form of dance arranged. Nowadays we can watch on television shows how nicely and by keeping themes in mind dance shows are organized, they are perfectly planned as per need of each episode. Correspondingly decorate the stage with Disco balls, disco lights and balloons and twisted strings to make the dance floor rocking. Cut outs of cardboards showing position to the dance floor can be placed. So go and rock your New Year party. Enjoy, Merry Christmas and happy New Year..


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