Free Christmas Message

Christmas is a Christian celebration. It is also referred to as X-mas. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Lord Christ is considered as the Son of God. He is also worshipped by Christians as the savior of all people. The birth of Christ was also the start of a new religion into the world; Christianity. Hence Christians also celebrate the beginning of Christianity on this day.

This is a big day for Christians all around the world. Preparations for the celebration start more than a month ago. People buy new things to decorate their house with. A month long holiday gives superb opportunities to spend time with relatives and friends. Christmas message is sent across to loved ones via different medium. People also exchange gifts on this day.

Christmas is an occasion of joy for children, young and the old. According to folklores, children are dropped gifts by Santa Claus a day before Christmas. Children eagerly wait for Santa to give them gifts. Parents pretend to be Santa and hid gifts for their children in stockings. Children are happy to receive these gifts.

Sending and receiving Christmas message is an integral regime of Christmas celebration. In fact, Christmas celebrations are incomplete without special Christmas messages. Beautiful Christmas trees, embellished houses, decorated churches, melodious Christmas carols and grand Christmas fiestas make the festival special for non-Christians too.

Markets all around the world are bejewelled with attractive lights. The color of the day is an exotic blend of white, green and red. These color symbolize Christmas closely. The modern traditions of Christmas include many things such as playing music, exchanging gifts, sending Christmas messages, special church celebrations, grand meals, and the display of decorations and a lot more. Some of the major decorations include huge Christmas trees, colourful lights, mistletoe, garlands, holly and nativity scenes from Jerusalem the birthplace of Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have been thinking of sending special message for Christmas to your friends and relatives, listed below are some unique ideas for the same:

Message Christmas 1:
Christmas love from God for all
God is Love
Christmas is about spreading message of love
Christmas is about the almighty and his love for children on earth
Merry Christmas to all

Message Christmas 2:
Christmas is a message for peace among all mankind
The festival is a symbol of peace and happiness within all creations of God
God bless all mankind
Merry Christmas to all

Message Christmas 3:
Soon is Christmas time
The bells will ring; Santa will come from the heaven above
Spread the message of love, happiness and peace across
Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

Message Christmas 4:
Let us spread Christmas love everywhere
Let the Christmas gifts we give come from the bottom of our heart
Let us fill our heart with love

Message Christmas 5:
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
May Lord Bless you with all the happiness and love in this world

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