Holi Message

Holi is an ancient Indian festival. The nation referred this festival to as 'Holika'. The origin of this festival can be found on ancient religious works inlcluding Grhya-Sutras and Purvamimamsa. Many historians believed that Holi was originally commemorated by Aryans. Eastern India also celebrated the festival with great pomp and show.

Researches and studies have proved that Holi existed many centuries before Christ. The occasion might have a different meaning and way of celebration during that period. However, the significance of the festival has changed with the passage of time. In earlier days, Holi was considered to be a special rite which was performed by married women. This was a symbol of happiness and general well-being of their families. Raka, the full moon was worshiped on this day.

These days, holi is celebrated with huge enthusiasm and fervor among people of India. Special holi message is exchanged among friends and relatives to make this occasion more special.

The preparations of holi start days before the festival. People gather wood for lighting bonfire. The occasion is also referred to as Holika Dahan. This celebration involves collection of huge pile of wood, lighting bonfire, performing pooja and food articles to God and a lot of singing and dancing.

Dulandi is celebrated the following day. It is the actual festival of colors. People exchange sweets and special holi message to their loved ones. Sweets such as "gujiya" and "sakapara" are known to be holi special sweets. People smear colors on each other and play in water. Singing and dancing is also accompanied.

People take extreme pleasure in spraying coloured water on each other using pichkaris. They also pour buckets full of color on each other. Bollywood Holi numbers are played to enhance the feeling of the festival.

Social Significance

Holi is a great festival as it helps to bring the society together. It strengthens the secular bond of our nation. This festival is celebrated by all regardless of caste, creed or religion.

Here is brief on some of the most common messages for Holi exchanged as SMS and cards among people:

Holi Messages
Message Holi 1
May God spray colors of happiness, success and affluence over you and your loved ones! Love always...Happy Holi.
Message Holi 2 I wish a very Happy Holi to Parminder and her family. Hope we celebrate this colorful festival altogether.
Message Holi 3
Happy Holi to all my friends! Enjoy and spread the colours of happiness and love. This is my special holi message to all!
Message Holi 4
Wish you and your family a very Happy and Colourful Holi. I heartily wish that this year will bring you true happiness and joy every moment.
Message Holi 5
Happy Holi !! May every colour of this beautiful festival get the happiness u desire! Wish you a very happy holi!
Message Holi 5
Holi is a festival of colors. It brings people together. Let us forget all grudges and pledge to get united just as the colors help us do on this beautiful festival.
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