Sorry SMS

In case, you have done something wrong or hurt someone you love, it is time to make up and say 'sorry'. This may seem to be a little word but not always easy to say. A mere 'sorry' may not be enough to take away all the harsh feelings. Your loved one is hurt. You need to do something more. Misunderstanding can creep into any relationship. It is important to act fast and make up with your partner. This is how you can ensure long running relationship with your partner.

There are many ways in which you can say sorry to your partner. One of the best ways is to send a sorry message, across. The message should be sent in a way to help your partner feel the intensity of your feelings and how serious you are for the relationship. You can look for some wonderful examples of sorry messages available online. You can visit some of these sites and have a look at these messages carefully. You get an idea of how to craft the best message for sorry.

First, you need to realize the situation and measure its seriousness. If you have done something really bad to your partner, then the message has to be sent in a way to make him/her feel better. Try sending some gift or flowers in conjunction with the sorry message. This will help you make your partner feel better. Strictly avoid sending text messages or emails to say 'sorry'. This may not have the kind of impact you desire. A hand written message delivered at the doorstep or personally is a good idea. You may also keep the message in the car, briefcase, office desk, purse or wallet of your partner. This will come as a surprise and your partner will appreciate the efforts made by you.

Sending across messages for sorry is not an easy task. There are several things to consider in this regard. Here are some points to remember prior to sending a message:

Once you have decided to send the message, do not pester your partner via calling or meeting him/her, especially if he/she is in no mood to listen to you.

. Give your partner sometime.
. Take your time in crafting the best message.
. Accept your fault in the message.
. Strictly avoid mentioning the fault of your partner in the message.
. Do not mention any old grudges
. Focus on explaining how important your partner is for you.
. Research on some of the messages online and modify them to add a personal touch to it,
. Deliver the message personally or courier boy.
. Your relationship is special. You should not let it break forever due to certain mistakes and misunderstanding between you and your partner.

Try to craft your "I am sorry message" via integrating some songs into it. Try uploading some of these songs to iPod and send it across with your message to your partner.

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