Flirt SMS

Flirting is one of the most loved activities among human beings. Young and the old enjoy it alike. There are numerous ways to choose from when it comes to flirting. One of the most popular flirting tools is texting. It is widely used by youngsters these days to build attraction.

Sending messages play a huge role in building attraction. Witty remarks and comments can have a huge impact. No wonder people stick to their routine of sending flirt message to those they are attracted towards.

Flirt message also play the role of attraction trigger. Texting is the most popular way to flirt around. However, there are several things you require keeping in mind when flirting with your friends. Perfect timing and way of sending message is really important. Try using words that has a dash of humour to them. The idea is to make person at the other end smile. Keep away from obscene flirt message as these would do nothing more than irritating the other person.

There are many types of flirting messages that you can send across and have a great time with your friends. Here are some rules to follow in this regard.

The first rule is to build suspense with timing in your message. The idea is to create a roller coaster effect in your message. Strictly avoid sending a text message within 10 minutes of a susceptible text message. Let the other person have a feeling of uneasiness about the message. Building suspense will help a lot while flirting.

The second rule of sending flirt messages is to keep the whole affair as light as possible. It should not seem that you are too needy. Strictly avoid giving the other person an idea that you need him badly.

The third law of flirting with messages is to select words to build attraction. Friendship should not be on your mind at this stage. This is one of the best ways to enjoy successful flirting. Understand that words influence people a lot when it comes to build attraction. These words need to be powerful enough to help you attract the other person like magnet without having to show how badly you need him/her.

Experts in the field of flirting and relationship feel that words are the most powerful influence in anyone's life. It works towards determining where exactly you stand in a relationship. It also helps you know how strong your relationship with a person is or going to be in the future.

Here are some classic examples of flirt messages to help you get an idea of how to send some via text:

Message Flirt 1:
I wish I was a teddy bear. I would then lay upon your bed and each time you cuddled it, you cuddled me instead.
Message Flirt 2:
Do u believe in love at first site? If not, then I need to walk by again!
Message Flirt 3: I want to arrange the traditional alphabet order. This will help me put U and I together

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