Imotional Message

A relationship is incomplete without emotions. If you are in a relationship, you are bound to feel emotional. Many beautiful words and phrases have been composed by popular writers and poets on emotions one tends to experience when in love. No wonder the market is loaded with cards and messages depicting varied emotions and moods of a relationship. You can find thank you messages, sorry messages, proposal messages, love messages and much more. This shows how important emotions are in a relationship.

What is the best way to send emotional message to someone you loved? Using heart touching quotes is known to be the best way to express your emotions to someone. There are many impressive emotional messages that you can use for this purpose. You can write something like "All I need is you", "Your love is world to me", "Love you so" and many more. The context of these messages depends on what you feel for the moment. Human beings are capable of feeling varied kinds of emotions. This is also the reason that there are more than thousands of messages for varied emotions.

Gift shops these days have come up with different methods to help people express their emotions towards their lovers, parents, friends, teachers and other relationship. It is easy to find ways to express core feelings to those who matter to you. All you require doing is to find the right emotional message before sending it across.

Many studies and research by scientists have discovered that human heart is involved in emotional processing. Emotional messages are sent both ways linking brain and heart. The latest discovery by science is referred to as 'Neurocardiology'. It proves that the heart functions as a sensory organ. It also works as a refined encoding and processing hub. Human heart is capable of learning, memorizing and making decisions that may not be a part of brain processing. Sometimes, the decision is independent.

Human heart is swift at emotional processing. In fact the speed is more as compared to mind's linear reasoning process. The emotional processing is also known to have the capability of coloring or predisposing the cognitive procedures. Stress is usually a result of unmanaged emotions. This tends to put negative impact on the entire body.

The key is to send messages that read your emotions perfectly. There are numerous beautiful emotional messages that you can send across to your friends and loved ones. Here is a choice on some of the most popular emotional messages that you can send across as per the need of the occasion.

Message Emotional 1
Why some time we fail to appreciate the feelings of those, close in our life?
Because a book held closer to eyes is very difficult to read.
Message Emotional 2 As a tear, I would roll down you cheeks
But if you were a tear, I'll never cry
as I am too scared of losing you!
Message Emotional 3 Love is beautiful
Love is life
Live it to the fullest
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