Thank You SMS

Thank you may seem to be a small term. However, it has tremendous potential to keep relationships going, bring smile on people's face and most importantly, feeling loved, deserved and wanted. Unfortunately, most people have underestimated the importance of this term. Saying thank you or sending across a thank you message can mean a lot to those who matter to you.

Those who understand the value of saying thanks to those who matter are finding solace in writing meaningful thank you messages and notes. The decision to say thank you is personal. Hence, the message you send across should be something that speaks your heart and convey your heartfelt message right away without creating any confusion.

There are several ways in which you can appreciate someone's efforts. Sending across a thank you message is one of them. In case, you have decided to say thank you to someone, there are certain things you require keeping in mind. There are certain dos and don'ts that you must follow to make sure that your thank you message did just the right job for you. The results will depend on how you send the message.

Here are certain important things you must keep in mind when sending across message for thank you:

Don't for message thank you:

. DON'T text or send your message via email. This will make others feel how inconsiderate you are. If you want to thank someone, do it in style and in a way that others feel your gentle thought and care. Try posting a hand written message or deliver it personally by hand!
. DON'T ever mention any other gifts or favours you received from others. Just thank the person in question.
. DON'T mention things from the past or anything that you regretted.

Dos for message thank you:

. Do write a handwritten letter. These are rare. These work really well to touch your heart. Letters should be written in a way to express your feelings in a clear way. . Do mention the name of the recipient. Make sure that you mention the full name. This will be highly appreciated by the recipient.
. DO use some appreciating titles or professional titles if you are aware of these. For instance, if the recipient is a doctor, you can mention 'Dr. X' in the thank you message. Ignoring hard earned professional titles may be hurting.
. DO make use of steady styling between your note/letter/card. This will help the recipient understand the pains taken by you.
. DO make sure that your message is delivered within 2 - 6 working days. This is the best way to make your recipient know how you valued the feelings and intentions. A thank you message received too late may lose its value.

There are many wonderful examples of thank you messages available online. All you require doing is to make a research on some and modify one as per your requirements and need of the occasion. Say thank you. It feels great!

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