Halloween SMS

Halloween is no more a foreign term these days. In fact, it has become a rage and reason to party among youngsters and people all across the globe. However, very few are aware of the actual significance of Halloween. People are not aware of the history behind this event. Spreading of Halloween message without knowing its significance is no fun.

According to studies and researches, it has been proved that the tradition of Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtics religion in Ireland. The tradition spread like wild fire because the Celtics were known for their love and strong belief in the spiritual world. They had their own unique beliefs and ideas associated to spiritual beings and the world they live in. They thought that they had the power to could gain access to this world. This was possible for them by helping and serving their three hundred gods to defeat their enemies in a special battle. The Halloween message was also spread via emulating the gods in displaying ingenuity and shrewdness.

The two major feasts of Celtics on Halloween day were the following listed below:

This was served during the start of the summer in the month of May.
This was served during the end of summer in the month of November.

The Celtic believed that Samhain was a period when bifurcation of two worlds appeared thin. This was also a period when intimidating supernatural forces became active. According to Celtics, evil spirits and ghosts were free to roam as they desired.

This started the tradition of Halloween parties in the modern day. People dress themselves as evil spirits and ghosts. They also adorn scary makeup for fun. There are many symbols that help in spreading the message of Halloween. Some of the most common symbols include pumpkin, scarecrow, bats, black cats, witches, owls, skulls, cross bones and a lot more. The basic idea is to scare people.

Messages for Halloween
Message Halloween 1:
The Celtics had it all! They knew the spirits and ghosts. Let us enter the world of spirits and feel how it's like roaming about as a ghost for one day. The Halloween can be fun. Let's celebrate it with joy and keep our spirits high!
Message Halloween 2:
This is the day when the spiritual world comes alive. Come let's welcome the spirits with pomp and show. We are not scared. We are having fun with the ghosts and spirits. Let us enjoy the Halloween spirit together.
Message Halloween 3:
The Celtic priests have warned us. Let' us join hands together and enjoy the festive fervor together. We are one and worldly beings. Spirits and ghosts come and see us. We're not afraid. We are ready to welcome you! Boo!"
Message Halloween 4:
This is now the time to witch and bitch
The Churchyards Yawn and Hell rises
Let Terror,
Turn into a treat
Let us celebrate Halloween everyday.
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